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For 15 years running, Barcode Producer continues to be the definitive tool for creating perfect barcodes. You can count on Barcode Producer to get the job done – you’ll get an activation code immediately after purchase, so you can create barcodes right away.

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Buy a new license for the latest version of Barcode Producer. Includes free updates in the the 6.x series.

Upgrade from any past version (Barcode Producer 1 – 5) to the latest version. You’ll also get all versions in the Barcode Producer 6.x series free.


Add batch barcode generation with the Barcode Automator Plug-In. Create barcodes from text files, spreadsheets, or enter a numeric range for instant bulk barcode creation. Automator Plug-In supports most Barcode Producer symbologies and design features.

GS1 DataBar (RSS) is a specialized barcode standard for coupons and perishables. DataBar Plug-In adds support for all seven DataBar symbologies.

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