IntelliMerge 5 for Mac OS X

Keep in touch with IntelliMerge dynamic e-mail communication.

IntelliMerge simplifies keeping in touch with customers and friends. Featuring an integrated message editor, recipient database system, and message mailer, it's all you need to manage contacts and send personalized e-mail newsletters, letters, invoices, alerts, and more over the Internet.

By using "merge tags" in IntelliMerge e-mail messages (such as <<Full Name>> or <<Birthday>>), you can effortlessly create a template for IntelliMerge to automatically mesh with a list of recipients in order to send each person a message customized just for them. With an easy-to-use, Mac friendly interface that doesn't sacrifice power for simplicity, IntelliMerge is the Mac's most versatile tool for customer communication.

IntelliMerge features:

  • Plain text and HTML e-mail messages, file attachments, message priority, return path, and customized headers. Inserting e-mail merge fields from your database is as easy as dragging an item from a floating palette.

  • Integrated recipient list database, giving you the capability to create a list of customers, edit their specific information, and send out mailings.

  • Import functions let you gather a list of recipients from Entourage, Outlook Express, Now Contact, FileMaker, Mac OS X's Address Book or any tab/comma delimited text file.

  • Web Page E-Mails: Post your message to a web page, then send it with IntelliMerge and everyone will receive your page right as a message -- best of all, images and links will "just work". No fuss required.

  • Customizable fields store the information you want to keep about your customers, including any assortment of text, dates, or numbers.

  • Integrated mailer program sends merged e-mails through your local mail server (SMTP), captures and records errors, and features the ability to share the load between several servers at once for larger mailings.

  • After-mailing report with integrated pie chart.

  • Advanced database management functions include automatically highlighting invalid e-mail addresses, duplicate addresses in the database, and fast export capabilities generate reports in other applications.

  • AutoSubscriber: Let your subscribers and members add or unsubscribe themselves from your subscriber lists, without having to have IntelliMerge open. Simply upload the IntelliMerge AutoSubscriber PHP script to any web server for instant integration with existing web sites. AutoSubscriber also gives you the flexibility of adding a one-click "unsubscribe" link to the bottom of your messages. Just add it and forget it.

  • Message Preflight allows you to view each customized message before sending it out, then check things over to make sure your mailing is exactly the way you want before pressing send.

  • Conditional Statements insert content in your messages only if certain criteria is met (for example, a block of text can be set to only be viewable to people with an '' e-mail address)

  • Bounce Checker automatically flags and removes messages that have been rejected after delivery.

  • Full support for ISO-8859-1 (including special Mac character additions).

  • Automatic HTML optimization system for lightning-fast message delivery and rendering.

We've added even more to IntelliMerge 5.0. Check out what's new.

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