IntelliSwipe Credit Card Readers

The smart, easy-to-use magnetic card reader for PC or Mac.

IntelliSwipe CC is the smart, easy-to-use credit card reader that scans credit card information into any program.

No drivers required: just plug it in and start swiping cards. Emulating a USB keyboard, the IntelliSwipe reader types detailed credit card information into any application as if typed manually, including FileMaker Pro, credit card authorization software, Microsoft Office, web browsers, point-of-sale applications, and text editors.

What makes IntelliSwipe different from the rest?

Unlike ordinary credit card readers, IntelliSwipe features a smart processing chip that turns the cryptic information on your credit card into instantly usable information. After formatting the credit card information (based on which model you order), the reader triggers USB keyboard emulation of the data -- that is, the reader pretends to be a keyboard to your computer and rapidly types the credit card details as if they were entered in by hand.

IntelliSwipe comes in multiple models, each with its own output format.

Learn more about the IntelliSwipe CC and available models, check out the technical specifications, or order your credit card reader online.

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